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    The WHALE SHARK is the largest fish in the world. They arrive to the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean every year. Enjoy this great opportunity and experience loads of adrenaline; imagine swimming with these beautiful and impressive specimens in the depths nearby Isla Contoy. The whale sharks arrive at our coasts around MAY 20th, and stay all the way until SEPTEMBER 15th, approximately. La Aventura is found with the Whale Sharks, enjoy one of the most incredible excursions in Mexico.

    Accompanied by an expert on the subject, our clients will receive the necessary information to understand the behavior of whale sharks. Once you are familiarized with these matters, you will be able to do a guided immersion to snorkel and observe these majestic animals that can measure up to 18 meters long, weighing about 15 tons, earning the title as the largest fish in the world. The experience is truly amazing, however there is no need to fear because this shark feeds exclusively from tiny organisms known as PLANKTON, so they are completely harmless to humans.



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