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    Discover the secrets of Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Also, one of the most famous archaeological sites founded in 525 b. C., located in Yucatan, Mexico. Enjoy the famous Kukulcan temple, also known as The Castle, the Mayan Ball Game Court, the Observatory and the most impressive places of the Mayan world.

    Then, go swimming in a cenote, a unique experience! The Mayans believed the cenotes to be doors to the underworld and were relevant to their ritualistic life. The beautiful pristine deep waters in these underwater caves were the house for purifying rituals and sacrifices. There have been found hundreds of both, human and animal bones, along with clay vessels and other offerings. Sink in the mystery of these beautiful exotic places.

    Enjoy a tasty Mexican buffet meal or shop in the beautiful and traditional city of Valladolid, the oldest city in the country built by the Spanish conquerors.
    Do not miss this amazing journey through History!



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