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    Island HolBox.

    Curious facts, this beautiful island is located north of Quintana Roo joined to it by a small sandbar. Its name comes from the Mayan Jool "Hoyo" and Boox "Negro" and is one of the most visited places in all of Mexico, this beautiful island is home to different types of mangroves since most of its lakes or underground rivers flow into the sea , this combination of fresh and salt water gives origin and life to one of the most complex and unique ecosystems in the world.

    The most popular places in the region are:
    The Yalahau cenote: Yalahau is the name given to the lagoon between the island of Holbox and the mainland, and the place supplied fresh water from the island of Holbox. The beautiful place that is fed by the water that crosses the jungle of the island and the lagoon is part of a protected ecological reserve. It is also understood that it was a haven for pirates in the 18th century, since it is an eye of water supplied with fresh water that gives life to all the flora and fauna.

    Island of passion: this beautiful island is the right place for rest and relaxation, its beautiful beaches and calm waters make them perfect to live together with your family and your partner; Not to mention that most of these beaches are virgins.

    All Mexican cuisine is exquisite, but in Holbox you can find many unique dishes of the area, as it is a fishing village you can taste the best fresh seafood of which visitors love, Ceviche, fried fish, lobster, shrimp, cocktails , etc. Because it is a place frequented by people from all over the world. In its gastronomy you will not only find typical dishes but a mixture of these and other international ones, and for this beautiful place the ideal drink to enjoy your visit is a glass full of coconut water and rum.Spectacular island where you can enjoy 35 kilometers of white sand beach and emerald waters. The contact with nature will harmonize with the environment of this wonderful island. Swimming next to the whale shark in September, on still virgin beaches, will certainly leave you breathless.

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