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    Tulum is the only archeological site right on the shore of the Caribbean sea. It used to be a very important religious centre devoted to the "Descending god" and the site was orginally known as Zama, which means "dawn".
    You will visit another incredible archeoligical site on this tour: Coba, the only pyramid that you can actually climb up in this area. Coba is another prehispanic Mayan city, located 40 km away from Tulum. Researchers do not come up with the real name meaning and the interpretations vary: "mossy water", "dark water", "chachalacas water" or even "abundant water". This ancient Mayan city was very important because it was the center of both political and trading relationships between different ports, cities and peoples.
    These two magnificent sites are surrounded by beautiful underwater caves and sinkholes, called cenotes, with fresh water running all through their underground rivers. They were key in the culture, rituals and cosmovision of the Mayans, who believed them to be the doors to the underworld. Sink and swim in these amazing places!
    Finally, you will be taken to one of the top destinations in the world: Playa Del Carmen. Walk through the wide variety of businesses and shops on the famous 5th Avenue. And do not miss a great buffet lunch to satisfy your apetite!
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