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    Its time: Martha, Veronica White, James, Jesus, Luke, Oswald lets go !! in this tour a day and explore discover the secrets of one of the greatest civilizations of Mexico: Chichen Itza located in the Yucatan Peninsula, named in 2007 one of the new 7 Wonders of the World and visited annually by more than 3 million adventurers from around the world, the positive energy of Chichen Itza attracts us.

    We will visit El Castillo; the great Mayan calendar, the Ball Game, the Observatory, the Temple of the Warriors, the Temple of Venus and many other buildings, walk on trails as did the Maya priests seems like this Experience ?, came the time !!.

    How about Swimming in a Cenote? Ancient Maya shrine dedicated to the purification, we will have enough time for this activity so do not forget your swimsuit, remember that the buffet lunch is included. Come, Chichen Itza awaits us !!



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